Friday, 22 February 2008

Making of "The Nutty Oracle"

Everyone has it's own "perfect click" now and then. For me, it's definitely "The Nutty Oracle". It is the first photo that I was totally happy with. Everything was just the way I imagined.
How do you like it?

For those of you that aren't familiar with that photograph:

Just couldn't stop myself from writing this here, I wanted to share with someone...I am very very curious, how did you make some of your best photographs? Were you totally aware of the result, or you were just lucky to get that shot?

This image was created one evening...I photographed tabletop stuff all day, and later my girl friend came.
I don't know where did we get the idea to stick her head in a very small aquarium (fish tank), but we did ;)

The light setup was very basic and light left, one light right, shot through few pages of tracing paper. (of course this photo was horizontal then, now it's vertical)

Few clicks and instructions later, this came up...

And yeah, I wanted to show you the setup thad made this, so hopefully some that you'll show me yours :)

So, here goes:

Ok, you can stop laughing now ;)

Here's another set up shot:

So, any comments/critiques?

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Teresa Romano said...

genial setup! the result is really great! congrats!