Friday, 22 February 2008

Ok then, first post :)

Hello everyone, I'm Goran (or Zedooo, as the rest of you know me)...I'm into photography for the last year and a half, trying to learn the ways of the masters :)

The thing that interests me the most is the light and its progressive usage. The times when I thought the strobes and other means of artificial light are bad and ugly are long gone. My learning curve got way much steeper, faster and better when I found David Hobby's blog (

It learned my so much stuff, that I cannot even believe what dumbhead I was before reading all of it and doing all the assignments.

I'm also into DIY, in photography and everything else. Why buy a I dunno, a ringlight for a massive amount of money when you can make your own for a few bucks :)

I'll write here about lotsa stuff, if my time will permit it.

Have a nice stay! And while you're at it, check few of my photos:

My Picasa Web-Album
My DeviantArt Gallery
My Flickr Album


Mshai said...

My friend,
You know that i respect your work and that i wish you all the best on your way up to become the master. :)

Good thing that you've opened this blog; now, you will be able to share more details about your work, what drives you, and all other stuff you want to share with us.

Cya ^^

Zedooo said...

Thank you my friend...

You are very kind :)