Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Important Color-Management Issue...

Let's make this as short as we can...

It's very well known that our web browsers "support" color profiles. So what are color profiles and who the hell cares? Well...let's make things simple. When a photograph is born (digitally) in the camera, it is assigned a color profile. This profile tells your computer how to show up the colors so that we all get similar results all over the world while we look at them. Oh yeah, that's "support" only. That doesn't mean that they work properly. In fact they don't work at all. And we photographers want you to see our photos in their full glory, right? Right :)

Does your browser take care of profiles? Check out this link and see if the photo is uniform or not. All four quadrants should be the same. I know, I know, it's multi-colored and funny, but don't panic :)

At this time, the only browser that does color management properly is Safari (originally a Mac browser). The new Google's runner up (Chrome) doesn't even know color profiles exist. I'm not going to go any further, I'll just cheer up the rest of us Mozilla Firefox users. So, get the browser up and running.

Write about:config in the adress bar. The Firefox will give ya' a warning regarding that you can mess up the whole browser if not being careful. So, I'm not being held responsible if you do it wrong :)

When you're in, you'll see much of the settings written up in a similar way like Windows Registry. Just find gfx.color_management.enabled. It will most likely be on "false".

Go on, double click it and make it TRUE.

After that, do a Firefox restart (just close it up and get it running again).
That's it, you're color-ready! Enjoy the full colors and potential of the photographs that you see on the Web. Go check it now: link
Now try to compare Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox lol :)

Cheers! Zedooo


Zane said...

I followed the link and set my firefox,, thanks! Color management is a real headache!;) stavio sam te kao link ako nemas nista protiv.

Zedooo said...

Ma svaka čast, nemaš frke!

Hvala :)

SiLa said...

Thnx Zedoo :)

bani84 said...

pa i ti si napravio blog! :D fino fino......... sasvim slučajno naletih ;)


Zedooo said...

Ha čuj, moram i ja malo :) he he

bani84 said...

neka neka! evo stavio sam te već na svoj pod bloglinkove ;) Živio!

Zedooo said...

hvala lijepo Bani! :)