Friday, 5 December 2008

Good stuff

Ok then...where to start? Past month was the best and most productive month in my whole life (not to mention the hardest)...

First of all, I finally got my dA page over 30000 hits! A big thanks to all my watchers, people who like my work and/or pure Internet nomads that just stumbled upon my profile...

I was working on a calendar for the biggest insurance company here in Croatia (Croatia Osiguranje) and my colleague Milan Krkac(Kaboom) got "jammed" in the studio for the whole week. You'll all see the results soon, I think it was worth it, it all came out great!

The biggest news is that one of my photos finally won something!

"The Nutty Oracle", photo of my dear Nina taken underwater got the first place on the Vichy's "Aqualia Thermal" photo contest here in Croatia! The theme was "water portraits" - the connection between the skin and the water...

I want to thank everyone who voted for me, thanks also to the judges that decided that my photo is the best, and the biggest and strongest thanks goes to my love for changing my life upside down, doing everything for me and basically changing me from my head to my heels...

I have many more projects in my head, many more jobs to come, etc. Looks like the things are finally beginning to happen!

Oh yeah, I almost of my sport photos (bike) got a third place on a photo contest taken at Croatian Open University (CEKAO)
It was a big surprise to me, because bike photos rarely get something from classic photographers, it's almost as if I won (for me)

So, here it is:

A BIIIIG thanks goes to Janko Zubcevic for "posing" for this shot, and to Kaboom for helping out with the lights!

And again...if anyone needs a fun and creative photographer, gimme a call/mail...

Thank you everyone for losing your time reading this!
Have fun, bye!


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